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About Us

World Arts West is a San Francisco-based, non-profit organization that supports over 450 Bay Area dance companies that are sustaining and celebrating the world's cultural legacy. The work of our organization includes producing and presenting the nationally acclaimed San Francisco Ethnic Dance Festival each June. The New York Times called our annual Festival "a glorious of the finest of all American dreams: a setting where cultures can celebrate their own traditions while honoring and applauding others."

After three and a half decades of extensive work with artists throughout the Bay Area's diverse communities, World Arts West is being increasingly recognized for creating the epicenter for dance from over 100 unique world cultures, resulting in the most vibrant and diverse dance community in the world. Over the years, the Festival performances have featured over 26,000 artists.

Mission of World Arts West

The mission of World Arts West is to support artists sustaining the world's diverse dance and music traditions by providing needed services and performance opportunities; and deepening the public's support of and engagement with world arts and cultures.

Vision of World Arts West - The World United Through Dance

World Arts West's vision is to work with artists, organizations, and communities, to advance cultural understanding through dance.