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SF Ethnic dance festival 2000

June 9 - 11, 2000
June 16 - 18, 2000
June 23 - 25, 2000

June 9 - 11, 2000

Chinese Performing Artists of America, San Francisco - illuminated Chinese dragon dance
The 60 foot-long Dalian "Celestial Dragon" chases the pearl of wisdom to welcome in the new year, bringing down the rains that nourish the land in this unusual presentation of choreography for the stage, adapted by Artistic Director Yong Yao.

Shuang Hou & Xiamu Hou - delicate and evocative Chinese dance and song
"Riverside Flower Under Spring Moonlight," wearing Ching Dynasty period (1644-1911) dresses and utilizing a fan and handkerchiefs to tell the story, these two sisters evoke memories of a silver-moonlight night on the banks of the river.

Lakshmi Ramaswamy - classic South Indian dance
Exquisite Bharata natyam gestural storytelling, animated by a kirthanam lyric revealing the miracle of Krishna's lifting of a magic mountain on his little finger as a foil to protect the citizens from the devastation brought on by Indra's wrathful storms.

Tabu Dance Ensemble - sensual, cabaret-style Bellydance
Dancing to the poetry of Egyptian and Armenian songs and the evocative sounds of drum and kanun (plucked dulcimer)instruments, Nanna Candelaria's graceful troupe express the emotions of unattainable love with an elegant display of hip accents, shimmies, and body isolations.

Yaelisa and Caminos Flamencos - sassy Nuevo Flamenco styling
"Tortas y pan pintado" ("child's play") is a tour-de-force tango suite for Yaelisa's dynamic company of dancers and musicians who take traditional flamenco, add a Latin jazz groove, and end up with a new and flavorful, uniquely San Franciscan concoction.

Maharlika Cultural Troupe - other-worldly Pilipino ballet folcl—rico
A colorful suite of social dances based on traditions from the southernmost islands, including a riveting "Singkil" dance featuring a regal prince and princess keeping their cool while avoiding crashing bamboo poles. A young company with celebratory Manila-influenced choreography by Polly Herrera.

Jubilee American Dance Theatre - down-home Appalachian play-party and clogging
Choreographer Hilary Roberts' new company of folk dance veterans takes us to an old-timey, 1930s Friday night Grange dance, a rural "theatre" for expressing stories of both joy and resignation.

The Barbary Coast Cloggers - vibrant North American clogging
High-energy clogging from this Festival-favorite all-male ensemble who always manage to ramp up the intensity level with their precision moves, powerful stepping, and infectious good humor, evoking a sense of California Gold Rush abandon.

Ballet Folkl—rico Ensambles de San Francisco - "Guerrero Suite," in Mexican ballet folcl—rico style
An impressive suite of dances from the Pacific Coast state of Guerrero featuring the choreography of Zenon Barron. Strong footwork, flirtatious partnering, and the ambiance of a 19th-century mestizo festival animate this show-closing performance.

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June 16 - 18, 2000

Hanmadang - Korean farmers' drum dance
With contemporary choreography by Jongsuk Lee and Hojung Choi, p'ungmul is a lively traditional rural festival music and dance that magically connects heaven and earth, scaring away demons while simultaneously attracting divine spirits.

Kavita Radhakrishnan - classic South Indian dance
Soloist Kavita dances "Natanam Adidum Natesa", an ode to Shiva in his form of Nataraja, the Lord of the Dance. This beautifully disciplined dancer uses Bharata natyam technique, with its chiseled geometries and vigorous movements, to depict both Shiva and his consort Latangi dancing together to the sound of sweet, celestial bells.

Esperanza del Valle - "Nayarit Suite" in Mexican regional dance style
With choreography by Jaime Buentello, Suzi Cashion and Ram—n Morones, this 20-year-old Watsonville-based company creates a lively fiesta atmosphere with its feats of skill, colorful skirt movements, energetic footwork and showmanship.

Alika del Nayar - "Huapango Suite" in Mexican regional dance style
This Gulf Coast, Huastecan style of dancing features lively stomping and lovely partnering in a series of fluid patterns and transitions.

Murphy Irish Dance Company - three generations of Irish jigs, hornpipes, and reels
All the stage is an Irish world of dance. Tradition from the most ancient social dances to Riverdance unisons in this spirited display of handed-down family lore.

Kala Vandana Dance Center - classic South Indian Bharata natyam
"Jathiswaram," a rollicking ensemble performance in which a child's dance for joy becomes the centerpiece for the distinctive Bharata natyam-based choreography by Sundara Swaminathan.

Harsanari - flirtatious social dances from West Java (Sunda)
Jaipongan and Ketuk tilu dances set for the stage by Sri Susilowati and Michael Ogi featuring elements of martial arts, comic antics, and female seductiveness.

The Dance Ensemble of Gamelan Sekar Jaya - graceful Balinese temple dance
"Rerejangan Selat Segara" is a contemporary choreography, by I Gusti Ayu Srinatih, of a traditional temple courtyard dance for women of all ages, a greeting and an offering to Hindu divinities and to all those in attendance, accompanied by stately gamelan music.

Podul Fe - powerful Korean sword dance
The sparks of clashing steel blades animate kom mu, a traditional warrior dance from Chinju, accompanied by hourglass drumbeats and mournful singing reminiscent of a bygone era.

The Island Way - Tahitian 'aparima ("kiss of the hand") music and dance
With drums and ukuleles providing enticing original compositions, this company of fluid dancers, led by award-wining soloist Janel Bustamante, enfolds the audience with its Tahitian gestures of love and life.

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June 23 - 25, 2000

Palabuniyan Kulintang Ensemble - Pilipino traditional wedding dances and music from Mindanao
Under the direction of National Heritage Fellow, Danongan Kalanduyan, we're guided on an insightful journey into the aesthetic world of Muslim and tribal culture in the southern Philippines, accompanied by exquisite and haunting gong melodies.

Lowiczanie Polish Folk Ensemble of San Francisco - Polish regional dance
Two-part polkas and walking dances from Przeworsk, in southeastern Poland, choreographed by Edward Hoffman, take us to a town square filled with sumptuously costumed villagers and a lively band who send the ensemble into twirling patterns and lively partnering in a colorful display.

Colhida & Temur Koridze's Children's Dance Company - elegant and athletic Georgian festive dance
Wearing black coats and bandoliers, the martial Georgian "men" display their strength and ferocity while the "women" glide as if on rollers and in trance in this remarkable presentation under the artistic direction of Temur and Jenna Koridze.

Los LupeÝos de San Joso - "Yucatan Suite" in Mexican regional dance style
Habanera, huaracha, and jarana dances for a town fiesta in tropical Yucatan where the white skirts, Panama hats and sandals keep everyone cool while the dancing heats up a flirtatious exchange between the men and women.

Centro Cultural Baila Un Peru - a love duet in Peruvian tondero and marinera styles
Passionate partner improvisation as the gallant male pursues the coquettish female in this stunning courtship ritual dance with roots in the fandango, the Spanish jota, and indigenous social dance.

Charya Burt Classical Cambodian Dance Group - elegant Cambodian classical dance
A Khmer ritual prayer for rain and protection, "Buong Suong," created by Princess Kosomak Neary Rot, is an ethereal sprititual expression of beauty and perfection led by sisters Charya and Sophiline and their company of dancers.

Carola Zertuche - soulful Spanish flamenco
"Solea por Boleria," inspired by the writings of Federico Garcia Lorca, is Ms. Zeruche's choreographed paean to the deep sorrow of solitude, to duende (soul).

African Queens - energetic West African social dance
Meet the next generation of African dancers in the Bay Area as this accomplished ensemble of girls and drummers storm the stage with solos and group patterns in a hard-driving set of athletic dancing.

De Rompe y Raja - compelling Afro-Peruvian dance drama
"Inga" (the cry of a baby) is a dance suite created by Gabriela Shiroma symbolizing a fresh start, a new Millenium. Incorporating elements of African and Catholic ritual gestures, the suite builds to a joyous climax of ecstatic pure dancing to the driving rhythms of percussion and guitar.

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