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SF Ethnic dance festival 2002

June 15 - 16, 2002
June 22 - 23, 2002
June 29 - 30, 2002

June 15 - 16, 2002

Elvel, a group from Kamchatka near Siberia and Sabjilar from the Khakas region of Central Asia presented their indigenous dance and music, representing some of the most interesting and unique traditions in the world. Alongside our own treasured talent, we were able to realize a goal of bringing our Bay Area audience some of the world's rarely seen peoples.

From the Khakas region of inner Russia, this family trio will introduce us to songs and stories of this region through a unique throat singing style.

This troupe from the Kamchatka peninsula, near Siberia, are the descendants of the Etelman genealogy. There are only about 1,500 left in the world today ~their language and customs quickly fading. Their dances portray tribal life of nomads; shamanic dances about volcano spirits, mating and courting dances as well as music that consists of percussion and vocalization that imitates animal and forest sounds.

La Tania Flamenco Music and Dance
Accomplished soloist, La Tania is renowned for her expressive interpretation and innovation of flamenco. By the age of 17, she was performing professionally in her native Spain and began touring with many of the top Flamenco companies throughout the world. She is known for the quality and depth of her dancing and has been awarded numerous choreographic fellowships from the National Endowment of the Arts and the California Arts Council for her talent.

Pejman Hadadi and The Namah Dance Ensamble
Pejman Hadadi and The Namah Ensemble with Javid Afsari and Brad Dutz are invited guests of the Festival. This company featuring dynamic percussion master, Mr. Hadadi, brings Persian classical music and its contemporary innovations to life. Combining traditional instruments like the santoor and tombak with a variety of world percussion instruments, the result is an inspired one. The dance draws upon elements of Persian dance, Flamenco, trance states and improvisation guided by mystical teachings. The dances lie in the common ground where these forms coexist, somewhere between ritual and performance, order and ectasy, tradition and innovation.

Minoan Dancers ~ Greek Folklore Ensemble with Edessa
The music and dance of Thrace, an area of northeastern Greece will be performed by a troupe of fifty. Based in Marin County, this church affiliated group is an award winning exhibition group. Costumes are authentic from villages throughout the area. Edessa, a Bay Area treasure will provide music.

Group Petit La Croix
Traditional Haitian dance, music and drumming are at the core of paying homage to the deities. This suite of dances presents the rhythms that are part of the Rada ceremonies. Haitian culture has survived and evolved under some of the harshest conditions that slaves from Africa faced in the new world. Haitian dance and music speaks to this indomitable spirit.

Wushu West
A special commissioned piece of the Ethnic Dance Festival will feature this martial arts style that incorporates the manipulation of weapons, dance movement, and theatrical characterization by award winning Bay Area students of master Hao Zhi Hua.

Ballet Afsaneh with Aziz Herawi
This company specializes in the dances of the region once known as the Silk Road, spanning the trade routes from China, through Central Asia to the Middle East. Ballet Afsaneh, with members of the Bay Area Afghan community, will present a women"s dance from Afghanistan accompanied by Aziz Herawi, master of the Afghani lute. Mr. Herawi is well known throughout Afghanistan for his inspired playing.

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June 22 - 23, 2002

Weekend two was a diverse program that traveled from the public village square to the deep internal space of the soloist. Our journey of dance and music highlighted classical and sacred genres, theater forms, some infectious carnival traditions as well as some social dances from flirtatious duos.

Gamelan Sekar Jaya
The Balinese gong ensemble, forty members strong, present the classical dance Legong, a piece originating from the dream of a 19th century prince.This Bay Area company has been awarded Indonesia"s highest government recognition for its artistic merit.

Taller ArtÕstico y Cultural "El Tunante"
Grace, fluidity and flirtation describe the beautiful couple dance of Peru known as the Marinera.

Hearan Chung
Described in her native Korea as a "holder of important invisible properties", Ms. Chung is a master performer. She brings to the stage, Salpuri, a dance of the shaman.

Shawna Kealmelekuuleialoha Ngum & Na Pua O Ka La 'akea
Ancient hula and chant are powerfully brought alive in this debut performance.

Mercedes Metal y El Grupo Chispazo
Traditional flamenco dance with origins in Andalusia expresses the heart and soul of Spain.

Julia Tsitisi Chigamba & The Chinyakare Ensemble
This company in their Festival debut presents the African nation of Zimbabwe in dance, song, mbira and drum before departing the Bay area for Africa.

Reconnect and Haitian Culture Association
Traditional songs and dances of the Haitian marketplace and roving carnival performers take to the Festival stage.

Shakti Dance Company
Five dynamic exponents of classical South Indian dance join together to present a suite of pure dance with its complex rhythmic structure.

Callipe Carvajal
This accomplished soloist, with control and personal flair, performs Middle Eastern cabaret dance.

Aguas Da Bahia
Under the direction of native Brazilian, Tania Santiago and Emiliano Benevides, a folktale of Northeast Brazil unfolds in dance and music.

Mexican folklorico dance from state of Chihuahua, reflects the history of the region with its various settlers. This large ensemble joins the Festival from Fresno.

Shanyin Amy Chang
Combining skill of dance, martial arts and acting, this gifted young performer will bring to life a story from the Chinese theater dance repertoire.

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June 29 - 30, 2002

Weekend three was a program of large music and dance ensembles where groups moved as one and where individuals broke out, displaying their virtuosity! Old and ancient forms, rich in the spirit of history came alive next to the expressions of today"s urban culture. It was a high-energy program with a large cast.

Carola Zertuche Flamenco Company
With new instrumentation, this accomplished troupe gives a new twist to the rich flamenco tradition.

Los Lupeøos de San Jose
This suite of beautiful dance from the gulf state of Veracruz introduces the popular folklore of the area.

Mambo Romero
Nightclub salsa that is steamy and sharp comes alive outside the club.

Emese: Messengers of the African Diaspora
The Yoruba deities are personified by dancers under the direction of Cuban master, Silfredo La"o. Traditional drumming, song and original art bring alive the powerful forces of the gods.

Hula Halau Aloha Pumehana O Polynesia
The Festival stage will host this troupe whose presentation of ancient hula and chant was inspired by visit to the spiritual sites of the big island, Hawaii. All clothing and musical implements for this suite were created in a pre-colonial, pre-contact manner.

Marcelo y Valesa SolÕs
This couple, in their Festival debut, presents Argentine tango of the 1940"s Buenos Aires style.

Bolivia Corazon de America
A boisterous and colorful celebration of nationality by this multi-generational company.

Chinese Performing Artists of America, San Jose
A humorous and elegant piece featuring character dance by Yong Yoa and his flawless ensemble.

Riordan Break Dancers
Hip Hop culture joins the Festival with this improvisatory group of high school students.

Hip Hop culture goes to the next level, with this company of studio dancers who have honed their skills from improvisation and sheer energy.

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