World Arts West
SF Ethnic Dance Festival

San Francisco Ethnic Dance Festival 2004

Dances of the Land, the Sea, and the Sky
( June 12-27, 2004)

Weekend One - Dances of the Land (June 12-13)
Weekend Two - Dances of the Sea (June 19-20)
Weekend Three - Dances of the Sky (June 26-27)

In program order

Weekend One (June 12-13)
Dances of the Land

Chitresh Das Youth Company
Kathak dance with exquisite footwork accompanied by special guest musicians playing the tabla and sarod
Dunsmuir Scottish Dancers
Jigs, reels and warrior dances performed to the powerful and haunting drone of bagpipes, and to lively reels by musicians on bodhran, guitar, fiddle, viola and tin whistle
Ghungroo Dance Academy
Colorful harvest dances that celebrate the beauty of the land and the bravery of the Punjabi people
Hala Dance Ensemble
A country folk style cane dance, and a dance set to a modern Egyptian pop song that proclaims the love of the singer’s life
Halau Aloha Pumehana o Polynesia
Ancient chants and hula dances tell the story of Pele, goddess of all volcanic activity
LIKHA - Pilipino Folk Ensemble
A dance of the indigenous Bagobos tribe about the cycle of rice planting with long bamboo poles, accompanied by tangungo gongs, kubing, and drum
Raices Grupo Folklórico
Mexican cowboy dances depicting the journey along the road that crosses the picturesque Copper Canyon

Weekend Two (June 19-20)
Dances of the Sea

Belly dances inspired by shorebirds dashing in and out of the ocean surf. Musicians on mizmar, doumbec, bendir, riqq, and tabla beledi
Gamelan Sekar Jaya
Shimmering music and mesmerizing dances of Bali depicting the work of Balinese fishermen set to a traditional bamboo orchestra
Gen Taiko
Taiko drummers and dancers tell the story of fishermen and the strength of those left behind in their village on Hachijo Island
Grupo Folklorico Paulé
The excitement and joy of dancing the Bomba at the seashore accompanied by drums, maraca and a coro (chorus.)
KaUaTuahine Dance Company
ntricate hip movements, accompanied by breath-taking polyrhythmic Island-style drumming
Lasya Dance Company
A dramatic Bharata natyam dance telling the story of the triumph of Krishna over the giant evil serpent Kaliya
Prabhath Academy for Music and Performing Arts (PAMPA)
A unique blending of two styles of Indian Classical dance, Kathak and Bharata natyam
Yore Folk Dance Ensemble
The nomadic Turkman tribe from the Silifke region of Turkey comes to life in these rousing country and folkloric dances

Weekend Three (June 26-27)
Dances of the Sky

Asociación Cultural Kanchis
Celebratory folkloric dances blending the worship of Apu Inti Taita, the Incan god of the sun, with Catholic ritual
Thiossane Africa Senegalese Dance Company
Fast-paced drumming of the sabar, the royal drums of Senegal, sets the rhythm for these spirited, competitive dances from the Kaolak region
Ballet Folklórico Netzahualcoyotl
Ancient dance of the Huicholes in which the villagers give thanks for corn, deer and peyote
Ensambles Ballet Folklórico de San Francisco
Precise footwork punctuates these dances from the Tabasco region with roots in three cultures: mestizo-Indian, Spanish, and African.
Chinese Performing Arts of America
Long silk ribbons skim through the air as dancers perform as Apsarases to ethereal music bringing blessings to all
Marcelo Solís and Romina Hahn
Tango, infused with deep sensuality, romance, and technically thrilling dancing
'Ote'a Api
A song to the Northeast wind is the heartbeat for this dance from the Society Islands of Tahiti
Peony Performing Arts
Awe-inspiring leaps defy gravity as dancers explore their womanly charms with fans and mirrors
Peruvian Dance Company
From high in the Andes, these joyful initiation dances portray young girls braiding their hair and playing courtship rituals with the young men


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