World Arts West
SF Ethnic Dance Festival

San Francisco Ethnic Dance Festival 2005

Beginnings, Journeys, Transformations
(June 11-26, 2005)

Weekend One - Beginnings (June 11, 2pm & 8pm And June 12, 2pm)
Weekend Two - Journeys (June 18, 2pm & 8pm and June 19, 2pm)
Weekend Three - Transformations (June 25, 2pm & 8pm June 26, 2pm & 7pm)

In program order

Weekend One (June 11-12)
Beginnings: From ancient sources we being anew...

Nitya Venkateswaran
Expressive South Indian bharatanatyam dance honoring creation
Fook Sing Lion Dance
Colorful and exciting Southern Chinese lion dance
Charya Burt
Stunning classical Cambodian court dance
Bolivia Corazón de America
Energetic suri sikuri and tinku ritual Andean dances
Grupo Folclórico Alma Ribatejana
Rural Portuguese folkloric dances
Otufelenite Tongan Dance Ensemble
Delicate dance and music traditions from the island of Tonga
Hearan Chung
Mesmerizing Korean dance about reincarnation
Ensambles Ballet Folklórico de San Francisco
Lyrical dance based on Semana Santa rituals in Chihuahua, Mexico
Halau Aloha Pumehana `o Polynesia
Rare ancient hula from Victorian and pre-contact Hawai’i
Dimensions Dance Theater
Stunning dance suite exploring the African diaspora

Weekend Two (June 18-19)
Journeys: The crossroads of cultures come alive

Umi Vaughan
Interactive and poetic narration interludes
Ballet Lisanga Performing Arts Company
Powerful Congolese dance from the Mongo people
El Tunante
Passionate Peruvian marinera dance embodying the spirit of love
Miriam Peretz
Post Soviet-era dance from Tajikistan
Jubilee American Dance Theatre
Southern style Cajun dance set in the 1940’s
Murphy Irish Dancers
Joyful jigs, reels, and figure dances with a full Celtic band
Gamelan Sekar Jaya
Innovative Balinese dance based on poem by Goenawan Mohammad
Amanda Grady
Expressive classical odissi dance from Eastern India
Peony Performing Arts
Stately dance from the Qing dynasty’s ruling Manchu people
Hiyas Philippine Folk Dance Company
Lively rural dance suite with Spanish, Asian and indigenous influences
Raíces de Mi Tierra
Dynamic footwork and hypnotic skirtwork from Jalisco, Mexico

Weekend Three (June 25-26)
Transformations: Living traditions give rise to change and innovation

Mahea Uchiyama
Poetic and engaging narration interludes
Chinese Performing Arts of America
A humorous Chinese theatrical dance of courtship
Harsanari Indonesian Dance Company
Youthful social dances incorporating martial arts from West Java
Dunsmuir Scottish Dancers
Graceful step dances from the Scottish highlands
Barbary Coast Cloggers
Unforgettable precision clogging
OngDance Company
Virtuosic Korean drum dance full of power and grace
Kalanjali: Dances of India
Brilliant South Indian bharatanatyam dance
Dances following the trail of the Romani people from India, through Turkey, Russia, and Spain
Caminos Flamencos
Nuevo flamenco embodying the new wave of music from the youth of Spain
Te Mana o Te Ra
Joyful Tahitian dance of enlightenment, growth and celebration


Chinese PAA dancer