World Arts West
SF Ethnic Dance Festival

San Francisco Ethnic Dance Festival 2006

Intersections: Time, Place, and Spirit
Revealing universalities of world cultures through dance
(June 10-25, 2006)

Weekend One - Time (June 10, 2pm & 8pm and June 11, 2pm)
Weekend Two - Place (June 17, 2pm & 8pm and June 18, 2pm)
Weekend Three - Spirit (June 24, 2pm & 8pm June 25, 2pm)

In program order

Weekend One (June 10-11)
Time: Interlocking rhythms of traditions throughout history

Ensambles Ballet Folklórico de San Francisco
The “Danza de los Negritos” from Veracruz, Mexico, danced in the Catholic Corpus Christi Fiesta
Izumi Sato
Intricate South Indian bharatanatyam dance featuring rhythmic footwork and dedicated to Lord Rama
KARIKTAN Dance Company
The Legend of Sarimanok from the Southern Philippines, danced with live music
LiberTango Dancers
Argentine tango, as originated by impoverished immigrants in the 1880's and adapted into Nuevo Tango in the late 20th century
Hahbi'Ru Dance Ensemble
A fiery Egyptian dance suite, showcasing traditional folkloric raqs sharki dance along with urban raqs baladi sensibilities
Korean Youth Cultural Center
P'ungmul, a Korean folk dance from the pilbong tradition, now associated with student activism
Chinese Performing Arts of America
"Feng, Sui," a fan dance, integrating wind and water movements with Chinese martial arts influences
Ballet Afsaneh Art & Culture Society
Safar-e Zamaan (Time's Journey) - a unique blend of Kolyabi and Badakshani dance traditions from Tajikistan
Minoan Dancers
Intricate steps and vigorous kicks in a suite of rhythmic Greek dances from the island of Crete
De Rompe y Raja Cultural Association
A lively Afro-Peruvian festejo originating in the plantation fields of colonial Peru in the 18th century
Amara Tabor-Smith
Graceful and poetic narrative interludes

Weekend Two (June 17-18)
Place: Dance linked to homeland, community, and sacred space

Łowiczanie Polish Folk Dance Ensemble
Exuberant village dances from the Beskid Mountains, home to the Zywiec highlanders
China Dance School and Theatre
A contemporary Dai minority dance celebrating rain, from the southern Yunnan Province in China
LIKHA - Pilipino Folk Ensemble
Indigenous folk dances of the Tingguian and Kalinga tribes from the Cordillera Mountains in the Philippines
Westwind International Folk Ensemble
Traditional Turkish Horon dance from the Black Sea region, with contemporary innovations
Pasión Flamenca
Sensual tientos, traditional style flamenco originating in the Spanish port city of Cadiz
Ballet Lisanga Performing Arts Company
Boucher, an African dance performed by competing vendors at the marketplace of the Balari people, Congo
San Francisco Celtic Dance Ensemble
The Traveler's Match, an award winning Irish dance inspired by Druid and Catholic traditions
Instituto Mazatlán Bellas Artes de Sacramento
Mestizo dance from Nayarit showcasing percussive footwork with indigenous and African roots
Obakòso Drum & Dance Ensemble
A dynamic Afro-Cuban dance based on the parable of Oshun and the sacred Iroko tree from the Ifa spiritual tradition
A lyrical and expressive odissi duet from Orissa, India, telling the story of Lord Vishnu’s ten incarnations
Hālau ʻo Keikialiʻi
A suite of rare traditional Hawaiian dance and chants linked to the land and ancestral heritage
Edwardo Madril
Narrative interludes and hoop dance
Amanda Geroy
Narration and movement interludes
Niharika Mohanty
Narration and movement interludes

Weekend Three (June 24-25)
Spirit: Honoring the strength of the human spirit and intersections with the spirit worlds

Diamano Coura West African Dance Company
A masked dance of the Baga people of Guinea, in which the spirit Kakilambe is summoned
Charya Burt Cambodian Dance
A new dance piece honoring Khmer ancestors in the 1,000 year old classical dance tradition
Barangay Dance Company
Compelling traditional dances from the Philippines from the Tiboli people in Mindanao
Chinese American International School Dance Troupe
Dance from Inner Mongolia, inspired by the movements of eagles and horses
Arenas Dance Company
Dos Aguas, a suite of Afro-Cuban dances for the orishas Yemaya and Oshun
Zooz Dance Company
Innovative works deeply rooted in Middle Eastern and North African dance
Housin' Authority
True, unabashed urban hip hop and break dancing with infectious energy from revered local veterans
El Tunante
Passionate Peruvian marinera dance embodying the spirit of love
Parna Basu
An inspirational and virtuosic kathak dance originating in Northern India
Ballet Folklorico Alma de Mexico of South San Francisco
Vibrant dances from the states of Nayarit and Sinaloa
Marc Bamuthi Joseph
Poetic narrative interludes of the spirit