World Arts West
SF Ethnic Dance Festival

San Francisco Ethnic Dance Festival 2007

Revealing universalities of world cultures through dance
(June 9-24, 2007)

Weekend One - (June 9, 2pm & 8pm and June 10, 2pm)
Weekend Two - (June 16, 2pm & 8pm and June 17, 2pm)
Weekend Three - (June 23, 2pm & 8pm June 24, 2pm)

In program order

Weekend One (June 9 & 10)

Leung’s White Crane Lion & Dragon Dance Association
Originating as a Daoist ceremony to invoke the deities, this Cantonese style Chinese lion dance which features skillfully navigated and daring jumps atop eight-foot poles, presents an inquisitive and playful lion bringing joy and auspiciousness.
Nritta Katha School of Kathak Dance
Festival favorite Parna Basu brings her lightning-speed rhythmic footwork and seemingly effortless graceful gestures to the stage for this Muslim style North Indian kathak dance traditionally performed to evoke devotion or Bhakti in the viewer.
Theatre Flamenco of San Francisco
Gorgeous flourishes of ruffled, trailing skirts, called bata de colas, and expressive upper body and hand movements are featured in this new and beautifully choreographed ensemble flamenco piece.
Reaching beyond ancient traditions for her Festival debut of Middle Eastern belly dance with an athletic style, this performance mesmerizes with fiery fusion technique and Sufi inspired spinning within a whirlwind of alluring silk veils.
LIKHA - Pilipino Folk Ensemble
A tribute to the indigenous people of Mindanao island in the Philippines, this richly textured dance is a call to the Bagobo, Mandaya, Manobo, B’laan, and Mansaka tribes to celebrate their unity with thanksgiving festivities.
Gadung Kasturi
Evil king Newata Kawaka is defeated and heaven is saved in this Legong style Balinese classical dance depicting a Hindu epic story from the Mahabarata, with enchanting live Gamelan musical accompaniment.
De Rompe y Raja Cultural Association
Good and evil engage in a battle of intricate zapateo, a complicated competition dance of percussive footwork, performed by a true master of Afro-Peruvian and African rhythms.
Instituto Mazatlán Bellas Artes de Sacramento
Spanish Gypsy, African, and South American influences course through this flirty, dynamic Chilena style dance performed to distinctive coastal music from the Mexican region of Guerrero.
Hui Tama Nui
Drums pounding and skirts flying, an impressive group of performers fifty strong offer high energy Tahitian dances in costumes handmade entirely of coconuts to honor their source as the “tree of life.”

Weekend Two (June 16 & 17)

Arenas Dance Company
Ferocious energy abounds in an Afro-Cuban dance evoking Oya, the powerful orisha from the Yoruba tradition known as the female warrior connected to wind and fire, who creates storms and can invoke change by stirring the air with her iruke, or horsetail.
China Dance School and Theatre
In this popular Chinese classical story of heroine Mu Gui Ying, from the Northern Song Dynasty of China, a powerful solo performance depicts the tale of transformation from young woman to legendary female general.
El Tunante
A rare chance to watch couples dancing with the woman taking the lead: Sensual marinera from Peru—a whirl of blinks, romance, and sexy flirtations, capturing magical moments of love and possibilities.
Hearan Chung
Spirits flow through the streaming white paper of the Shin Kal in this riveting and transformative Korean dance based on Shamanistic rituals that mourn the dead and bridge the soul’s peaceful arrival into the next world.
Barbary Coast Cloggers
A medley of boisterous Appalachian clogging captures the spirit of early American settlers’ camaraderie and showmanship with a confluence of movements from the Irish jig, to English country-dances, to African steps and rhythms.
Kantuta Ballet Folklórico de Bolivia
The greatest attraction at Bolivia’s carnival, this vibrant dance originating in the mountain mines of Potosi depicts the tale of La Diablada in a story of good versus evil, where Arch Angel Miguel triumphs over Lucifer.
Ensambles Ballet Folklórico de San Francisco
Heartfelt and exuberant Michoacan dance from Mexico is performed to poetic sones conveying three passionate stories of confession, the struggle for freedom, and daily life after the Spanish conquest.
Tara Catherine Pandeya
Replete with Soviet style showmanship, the Shodiana signature women’s dance from Tajikistan is performed to dorya drums, symbolic of the moon and the cosmic cycles of life.
Charya Burt Cambodian Dance
A contemporary classical Cambodian dance with a particularly tender human theme was inspired by Tennessee Williams’ The Glass Menagerie and is set to a combination of traditional and modern/transposed music.
Abhinaya Dance Company of San Jose
Originating in the temples of South India, this Bharatanatyam dance is based on the ancient poetry of Kalidasa and describes Varsha, the rainy season, through movements expressing thunder, lightening, rain and rainbows.
Te Mana o Te Ra
In stunning costumes and intricate headdresses, performing the Tahitian legend of Hina, the Moon Goddess, conveying her themes of eternal love, mystic beauty, and strength, this dance is accompanied by

Weekend Three (June 23 & 24)

Jyoti Kala Mandir College of Indian Classical Arts
Resounding Prayer Dawn to Dusk is a commissioned odissi dance evoking the Sun God Narayana as the dancers and the dance become one and merge into the divine, manifesting the sacred moment between lightness and darkness.
Lily Cai Chinese Dance Company
Combining natural feminine beauty with virtuosity, humor and charm, this new work depicts the spirit of shy but playful village girls in today’s modern China.
Al Juthoor
A traditional celebratory Arab folk dance, this dabkeh features percussive line-oriented dance adapted to stage by the Bay Area’s only professional Palestinian dance group.
Raices de Mi Tierra
Ranch life inspires energetic dances from the musically rich region of Tamaulipas Huasteco, showcasing fancy trick roping by a world-renown master and precise footwork in sync with the rhythmic beats of the jarana.
Imani's Dream
Shout—an emotionally charged dance blending hip-hop, jazz, and modern dance styles—gives expression to contemporary urban struggles of childhood and adolescent life.
Dunsmuir Scottish Dancers
Standing for millennia and elemental to the character of life on the Hebrides Islands, Scotland’s majestic stone circles come to life through step dances inspired by the ancient legends of the mysterious Stone Maidens.
Bolivia Corazón de America
Spectacular ostrich feather headdresses and the stylized movement of the mesmerizing Suri Sicuri, danced since 800 BCE in the highlands of Bolivia, conjure the hunting of an Andean ostrich.
Koraci Croatian Folklore Ensemble
The nuptials of a young Podravina village girl include melancholy farewell melodies to her family followed by lively and celebratory Kolo folk dancing to the rousing sounds of tamburitzas, as heard throughout the streets of Croatia for centuries.
Diamano Coura West African Dance Company
This original work by one of the Bay Area’s best explores a personal journey, blending traditional West African dance with contemporary American influences and featuring both traditional and pop music from Senegal.