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Amanda Geroy

Amanda Geroy is an accomplished performer and teacher of both theater and odissi, a classical Indian dance form from the Eastern region of Orissa. Her journey as an American student of theater brought her to San Francisco specifically to study with Guru Jyoti Rout, and after six years of training,,she had her Ranga Puja, or solo debut, in 2004. Amanda is a company member of Jyoti Rout's senior performing company, Rasa, performing in this year's Festival. She teaches youth and adults and manages the Jyoti Kala Mandir youth company.


Amanda collaborated on the writing of the narrative interludes for Weekend Two of the 2006 Festival. As well as performing as one member of Jyoti Rout's senior company, Rasa, she narrates and performs graceful movement interludes tying together the Weekend 2 groups, using movement vocabulary  from odissi dance, and other dance and theater skills.


TITLE OF PIECE: Hanuman Vatika CHOREOGRAPHY: Guru Jyoti Rout
Amanda Grady

Hanuman Vatika is a story of an episode from the Hindu epic, the Ramayana, which features the monkey god, Hanuman. It is a prayer, a praise and an offering to the superhero monkey god, and it speaks to different attributes of his essence and his life.

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