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Solis and Hahn


Marcelo Solís and Romina Hahn

First Appearance in SF EDF:
(Solis) 2002 (Hahn) 2004

Tango was birthed in the slums and bordellos of the immigrant-infused port city Buenos Aires. Yet by the turn of the last century it had become arguably the most elegant and popular couples dance of the day. It was performed in dance halls and salons throughout Europe and North and South America. By 1913 it became the hottest rage in Paris heralding "tangomania". The 1940s, spawned the Golden Age of Tango, as great composers, lyricists, singers and dancers achieved international reputations and lay the foundation to the modern-day tango form.

A purely Argentine dance that sprung from the country's complex historical, social and political background, tango has many cultural influences. The large immigrant population of Europeans that flooded Buenos Aires, interacted with the peoples of African decent that were brought over as slaves. Thus tango has influences that can be traced to the waltz, polka and mazurka, as well as the Spanish-cuban habanera and African candomble.

Marcelo Solis is an experienced dancer, milonguero, choreographer and teacher. He was trained by several well-known tango maestros, and also studied classical dance, modern dance, jazz and traditional Argentinean Folklore. He has performed and taught throughout Argentina, Europe and the U.S. since 1994.


Marcelo Solis
Marcelo Solis, and Romina Hahn

Characteristic of this couples dance is the intimate embrace and the intricate interweaving "leg work". These features infuse tango with a deep sensuality that can express a wide range of human feelings. It is a social dance about communication; an intense dialogue between two people who express themselves through music. For the 2004 Festival, Marcelo Solis and Romina Hahn present a traditional, elegant tango performed to music of the much-admired tango composer, Anibal Troilo.

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