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Dance is diverse! Our dance style locator is now available cumulatively, creating a growing Online Encyclopedia of World Dance! Use this section to find out some background and features of the dance styles represented in this year's performance. In addition, the dance style index gives you the opportunity to check out all the styles in our archives, by year or by style!

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Location Dance Style Artist Year
East Asia    
-- China Chinese Dance Chinese Performing Arts of America EDF 2006 
  --Chinese Theatrical Dance (Wuju) Liu and Han  PLM 2000 
  --Chinese Theatrical Dance (Wuju) Chinese Performing Arts of America  EDF 2005 
  --DunHuang Dance Chih Ting Shih  PLM 2003 
  --Kunqu Opera Peony Performing Arts  PLM 2006 
  --Kunqu Opera Peony Performing Arts  EDF 2005 
  --Lion Dance Leung’s White Crane Lion & Dragon Dance Association  PLM 2008 
  --Lion Dance    
  Chinese Dance China Dance School and Theatre EDF 2006 
-- Japan Kyogen Brenda Wong Aoki PLM 2009 
  Kyogen Ellen Brooks PLM 2002 
-- Korea Korean Traditional Dance Korean Youth Cultural Center EDF 2006 
  --Geommu Northern California Korean Dance Association  PLM 2009 
  --Sogochum OngDance Company  PLM 2005 
  Korean Traditional Dance Northern California Korean Dance Association EDF 2005 
  Korean Traditional Dance OngDance Company EDF 2005 
Northern Asia    
-- Russia Russian Dance The Russian Collection PLM 2000 
South Asia    
-- India    
---- North India Kathak Chitresh Das Dance Company PLM 2004 
  Kathak Parna Basu PLM 2007 
  Kathak Chitresh Das Youth Company EDF 2004 
  Kathak Parna Basu EDF 2007 
  Kathak Parna Basu EDF 2006 
---- South India Bharatanatyam Shreelata Suresh PLM 2009 
  Bharatanatyam Abhinaya Dance Company of San Jose PLM 2000 
  Bharatanatyam Kalanjali: Dances of India PLM 2000 
  Bharatanatyam Nitya Venkateswaran EDF 2005 
  Bharatanatyam Izumi Sato EDF 2006 
  Bharatanatyam Lasya Dance Company EDF 2004 
  Bharatanatyam Abhinaya Dance Company of San Jose EDF 2007 
  Bharatanatyam Kalanjali: Dances of India EDF 2005 
South East Asia    
-- Indonesia    
---- Bali Drama Tari Gamelan Sekar Jaya PLM 2005 
  Legong Gamelan Sekar Jaya PLM 2000 
  Topeng Gamelan Sekar Jaya PLM 2002 
South West Asia / Middle East    
-- Afghanistan Afghan Dance Ballet Afsaneh Art & Culture Society PLM 2006 
Central Asia    

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