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Northern California Korean Dance Association

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The Northern California Korean Dance Association, a nonprofit organization created in March of 2004 by Hearan Chung, consists of amateur dancers ranging from five-year-olds to seventy-year-olds passionate for dance. NCKDA holds the mission of spreading and developing Korean culture and dance, with the objective of cultural exchange between Korea and other ethnic cultures. NCKDA provides an opportunity for local Korean immigrants and Korean Americans to express themselves and connect with their cultural heritage through the arts. NCKDA hopes for local communities to be introduced to various forms of Korean traditional and contemporary dance, drawing them closer to the Korean culture.

Hearan Chung

Hearan Chung, professional dancer, choreographer, and artistic director of the Northern California Korean Dance Association, has mastered various fields of Korean dance including Court, Folk, and creative dances, beginning her training at age 5. She holds B.A. and M.A. degrees in dance from one of Korea’s leading universities, Ewha Women’s University. With a passion to cultivate talent in young dancers, Chung has over 20 years of teaching experience in leading Korean universities; a great many of her students are now leaders of dance in Korea. Chung’s dance is characterized by elegance and her choreography incorporates symbolic elements of water, wind, and soil to demonstrate her interpretation of the spirit of Korea. Throughout the span of her career, she has choreographed over 48 works of dance and published four theses. She has been invited to perform in the US, Italy, Japan, the UK, France, Spain, and China. With the motive of observing various kinds of dance from different cultures, she immigrated to the US in 2001. She then established the Northern California Korean Dance Association. She has held several workshops at various colleges and has choreographed four annual performances of a Korean youth musical group in San Francisco. She presented the first annual performance of the Northern California Korean Dance Association at the San Francisco Yugen Theater at Noh Space, and the next at the College of San Mateo Theater. Her numerous performances include her participation in the 2002, 2005, 2007, and 2008 Ethnic Dance Festival, the Asian Art Museum and Women on the Way. In February, 2008, Chung also performed in the “Local Heroes” performance held by the ODC Theater, in San Francisco. She was featured in the PBS 2006 Program SPARK and nominated for the 2005 and 2007 Isadora Duncan Award. Chung has also been awarded grants by the Silicon Valley Foundation in May, 2007, the Alliance for California Traditional Arts in December, 2007, and the CA$H Dance award in 2008.


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