World Arts West
SF Ethnic Dance Festival



Featuring Musicians of the San Francisco Ethnic Dance Festival
February 9th and 16th, 2020 at 3:00pm
Presidio Theatre, 99 Moraga Avenue, San Francisco 94129
In partnership with Presidio Theatre

Through Polyphonia, World Arts West casts the spotlight on the incredible musicians who have shared the stage with dancers over the course of the 40 years of the San Francisco Ethnic Dance Festival. Come and experience the resonating, international sound vibrations in a program that celebrates live music, including exciting cultural crossovers.
Tickets: $25, and $15 for youth 16 years and younger
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WEEKEND ONE: February 9

Kiazi Malonga and Mbanza Kongo
Mbanza Kongo's presentation will be two songs from Kiazi Malonga's debut album.

Māhealani Uchiyama and Hālau Ka Ua Tuahine
Hawaiian, Tahitian and other Polynesian, and US
Uchiyama sings in Hawaiian, Tahitian and other Polynesian languages over beautifully percussive music which celebrates the Pacific family.

Nilan Chaudhuri and Jonathan Kay
Nilan Chaudhuri and Jonathan Kay will perform classical raag and taal based compositions and improvisations.

TRIÓTRO: John Santos, David Flores & Christelle Durandy
TRIÓTRO is uplifting, surprising, ancestral, improvisational, modern and unpredictable.

Vinic-Kay (La Gente y el Canto)
Vinic-Kay bring to life the diverse roots of Latin America using each culture’s traditional instruments,

WEEKEND TWO: February 16

African Music and Dance Ensemble
The group will be presenting Kpanlogo, an urban youth dance-drumming and a symbol of the commitment of a rapidly growing Ghanaian urban youth in advocating their perspective in shaping the political vision of post colonial Africa.

Del Mar Flamenco
Mexico, Spain & US
Del Mar Flamenco interweaves diverse musical backgrounds and artistic expressions, creating a unique, yet classic, Flamenco experience.

Jackeline Rago & Venezuela 360ş
A musical journey through Venezuela

Omi Ashé
Drummed prayers for Elegguá (the crossroads), Osain (medicinal plants), Obatalá (peace and wisdom), and Changó (fire, and an historical Yoruba king), followed by songs for Elegguá, Ochún (fresh waters, sensuality), and Yemayá (the oceans and maternity).

San Francisco Awakko Ren
Awaodori is dance and music of one of biggest festival in Japan.