Saturday, June 16, 3pm and 8pm
Sunday, June 17, 3pm

Dance from China, Cuba, Hawai'i, Hungary, India, Korea,
Native America, Peru, Spain, and Transylvania


El Tunante, Peru

Marinera, a Peruvian courtship dance, features spontaneous romantic interplay between three couples, marked by elegant spins, swirling handkerchiefs, and sensual, sinuous movement

Sewam Dance - Eddie Madril Native American Plains, US

Many hoops are masterfully shaped into butterflies, eagles, and much more in this Native American hoop dance symbolizing the never-ending cycle of life

Chhandam Youth Dance Company, India

Intricate footwork and lightning fast chakkars, or spins, punctuate this dynamic Indian kathak dance entitled Uttarakaala, or Future

La Tania, Spain

Alas al Viento, or Wings to the Wind, is an alegrías style of flamenco dance from southern Spain that evokes unspoken narratives where every movement unleashes intense and serious beauty punctuated by sharp and joyous outbursts

Hālau o Keikiali'i, Hawai'i

The pahu drum, a symbol of change and new beginnings, calls to the heavens, as this popular thirty-member dance company performs a quartet of dances in the hula kahiko style, done close to the ground and honoring Hawaiian gods, chiefs, and sacred places

OngDance Company, Korea

A contemporary piece with highly synchronized percussion, the Shadow of Cheoyong is a prayer for the good of humanity that combines myth with concepts from Confucianism and Buddhism exploring the virtues of generosity

China Dance School and Theatre, China

Energetic young girls show off their colorful garments and a variety of coy and proud guises in a game of show and chase, inviting the audience into their endearing and playful world

Collage Dance Ensemble
Hungary and Transylvania

Roma people and elements of their travelling culture are reflected in this dance incorporating traditional movements from Hungary and Transylvania (Romania) with spirited, contemporary styling

Las Que Son Son, Cuba

Recounting the rich story of Cuba's past and present through a yambú, a highly ritualized dance of fast-paced guaguancó, with a highly competitive columbia serving as the peak of three cycles of rumba dances with musical accompaniment featuring accomplished singer and percussionist, Bobi Céspedes

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