Saturday, June 23, 3pm and 8pm
Sunday, June 24, 3pm

Dance from Appalachia (US), China, Hungary, India, Mexico, Middle East, Peru, Tahiti, and Zimbabwe


The Malonga Casquelourd Lifetime Achievement Award will be presented to choreographer, performer, and Mexican dance master Zenón Barrón, Artistic Director of Ensambles Ballet Folklórico de San Francisco during the Saturday night, June 23 performance at the Novellus Theater.


Ensambles Ballet Folklórico de San Francisco, Mexico

A joyous trio of dances narrates the rhythms of village life from working in the fields with dynamic unfurling skirts to a town square celebration with a percussive all-male dance on tarimas, or platforms

Vishwa Shanthi Dance Academy, India

In a moving bharatanatyam piece, Queen Shantala Devi's devotion and passion for dance magically give life to sculptures in an abandoned temple and completes it when her own image joins them for eternity

Barbary Coast Cloggers, Appalachia, US

A medley of boisterous Appalachian clogging captures the spirit of early American settlers' camaraderie and showmanship with a confluence of movements from the Irish jig, to English countrydances, to traditional African steps and rhythms

Shabnam, Middle East and US

Quiver, glimmer, flutter, and shimmer! An innovative baladi belly dance inspired by the undulating swells of the Red Sea features fluid, rippling movements reflecting the grace and power of the sea

Te Mana O Te Ra, Tahiti

Highlighting female strength and determination, Vahines de Tahiti represents how Tahitian women embody Queen Pomare IV, Madeline Moua (Queen of the Heiva, or festival), Hina (goddess of love and the moon), and Pele (goddess of fire, rage, and passionate love)

Chinyakare Ensemble, Zimbabwe

This harvest dance from the Shona people of Zimbabwe teaches the importance of family and community through a cautionary tale danced while balancing seed-filled baskets on their heads, as ancestral spirits are invited to visit and share their wisdom

Chinese Performing Arts of America, China

In honor of the Year of the Dragon, black light technology highlights this symbolic dragon dance, creating a hypnotizing and powerful performance where only the dragon can be seen in the darkness, whirling and twisting ten feet off the floor

Eszterlánc Hungarian Folk Ensemble, Hungary

From the Sárköz region in southwest Hungary comes Sárközyi Ugrós, or Jumping Dance, showcasing joyful, high steps in a jubilant men's stick dance paired with an all-female bottle dance, performed in intricate handmade, full-skirted costumes native to the village of Decs

De Rompe y Raja Cultural Association, Peru

Paying tribute to the legacy left in Peru by women of African descent, this dynamic Afro-Peruvian zamacueca has spawned a multitude of dance styles throughout the Americas and has been a unifying force in Latin America, mixing African, indigenous, and Spanish cultures

Rotunda Dance Series

FREE public performances the first Friday of each month at noon at San Francisco City Hall

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