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2016 San Francisco Ethnic Dance Festival Auditions
November 7 - 8 and November 14 - 15, 2015
Palace of Fine Arts Theatre, San Francisco

Attn: Audition Artists!
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The San Francisco Ethnic Dance Festival Celebration of the Centennial of the
Panama-Pacific International Exposition will take place throughout the month of
June 2015, instead of February, as originally planned. City politics and scheduling conflicts at the Palace of Fine Arts forced this change of plans. (Note: June 2015 performances were selected from the January 2014 Festival auditions.)

Additionally, after much careful consideration and dialogue with many Festival artists, we have decided to adjust the annual audition schedule and hold auditions in November 2015. Holding the auditions in January simply does not give us enough time before the curtain rises in June to maximize visibility and raise money to cover the Festivalís costs, as ticket sales pay for just a fraction of the expenses.

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2015 San Francisco Ethnic Dance Festival.