World Arts West
SF Ethnic Dance Festival



The Rotunda Dance Series brings many of the Bay Area’s most celebrated dance companies to San Francisco City Hall for free monthly noon-time performances and is presented by Dancers’ Group and World Arts West in partnership with Grants for the Arts and SF City Hall. 

Photo by Nico Therin

TURFinc specializes in the Turf (Taking Up Room on the Floor) dance style. The dance form originated from the Hyphy movement in the Bay Area in the late nineties. TURFinc director Johnny Lopez describes the four elements of Turf dancing as “footwork, storytellin’, pantomiming, and swagger. Gliding is an important part of footwork. Each movement tells a story. Pantomime is straightforward. But swagger is everything. Swagger is groove.” Lopez adds that, “Turfing is a social critique and recognition of lost African American lives, police brutality, and race relations in Oakland.” November’s performance with the Rotunda Dance Series will showcase varying styles of Turfing, hip hop, gliding, bone breaking, tutting, and waving.

Friday, November 2nd, Noon
San Francisco City Hall
Open seating on the Rotunda stairs; bring your own folding chair or cushion.
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The Rotunda Dance Series will continue through 2018:

Friday, December 7 – Cunamacué & Proyecto Landó