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Evaluation for Teachers

Evaluation for Students

Evaluation For Teachers

Dear Educators,

Please click here to DOWNLOAD our Teacher Evaluation form as a PDF File. You can print out the form, fill it out and mail the form to:

People Like Me
World Arts West
Fort Mason Center, Bldg D
San Francisco, CA 94123

Please send any kids art to the same address for consideration for the online gallery!

Your comments and feedback regarding our programs are vital for us for very important reasons: in order for us to raise funds to continue presenting children's programming in the future, we need to evaluate our role in your curriculum. We also value your critique in order to improve our program and to better serve you and your students.

We especially need to know how the Online Guide works for you and how we can improve it! Your comments and suggestions are greatly appreciated and will help us to make our programs and study guides more meaningful for our school audiences.

We value your input!

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